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PTE English Test Preparation

Test preparation includes familiarizing yourself with the test format, evaluating your proficiency level, making decisions about when to take the test, creating a study plan to improve knowledge and skills in English, and studying test-taking tips.

Test format
If you know exactly what to expect in advance, you will approach the test with greater confidence. The test format includes features such as:

  • Length and timing: How long does each part of PTE Academic last? How much time is allowed for each section and each item type?
  • Quantity: How many parts are included in the test? How many sections are included in each part? How many items are included in one section?
  • Layout: How is each item type presented on screen?
  • Instructions: What task needs to be completed for each item type? How are responses recorded?
  • Item types: How are different item types presented on screen? What tasks need to be completed? What skills are assessed? How are responses scored?

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