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Listening Part 3 Exam Structure

In Part 3 you will be tested on your listening skills. You will have approximately 45-57 minutes to art of the test. complete this part. The table below shows the listening

Listening Part 3 Exam Structure
Section 1

  1. Summarize spoken text

Time allowed 20-30 minutes

Section 2


  1. Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
  2. Fill in the blanks Highlight correct summary
  3. Highlight correct summary
  4. Multiple-choice,choose single answer
  5. choose single answer
  6. Select missing word
  7. Highlight incorrect words Write from dictation
  8. Write from dictation

Time allowed 23-28 minutes

The minimum and maximum timings indicated for the sections in the listening …. .. … Academic do not add up to the total minimum and maximum times stated for this part of the test (45-57 minutes). This is because different versions of the test are balanced for total length. No test taker will get the maximum or minimum times indicated on alt sections.

PTE Academic is an integrated skills test. Some item types in this part of the test also assess writing and reading skills.

Section 1
The first section in the listening part, Summarize spoken text, is an integrated skills item type that tests listening and writing skills. Two to three items of this type appear, depending on the combination of items in a given test.

Section 2

In Section 2, there is a single timed listening section consisting of 15-22 items, depending on the combination of items in a given test. You will have approximately 23-28 minutes to complete this section. Different response formats are used in the listening part of PTE Academic.

Since listening takes place in real time, PTE Academic language in real time. Each recording is played only one assesses your ability to process spoken Noteboard Booklet provided when listening to the reco e. You can take notes using the Erasable complete the tasks. recording, and use these notes as a guide to

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